Our resources include online publication Dynamic; research, statistics and advocacy information, as well as professional development resources.

Dynamic Newsletter

Dynamic is Choir Ontario’s online magazine coming out three times a year (November, March and June), which is full of informative stories and choral news. All member organizations are eligible to submit news items, articles and photographs.

Submission Guidelines:

Feature articles:

• Topics for feature articles may include repertoire, choral history, performance practice, choral composers and conductors (including interviews), rehearsal techniques, vocal technique, choir management and organization, choral music education, and sociological aspects of choral singing.

• Articles must be limited to 1,500 words or less and submitted in Microsoft Word format.

• Referenced material should be noted in the body of the text and cited as endnotes.

• Submissions must include the author’s name, brief bio (max. 25 words), and a headshot.

• All feature articles submitted are subject to a blind review by the editorial board. Articles are accepted for publication when board members determine that the article contains information that pertains directly to the general interests of the Choirs Ontario membership.

Choir News Items:

• News items report current or recent news about your choir including activities, milestones, tours, and recordings.

• Please do not include upcoming concert promotion in your write-up. Details about concerts and events should be submitted via “Event Calendar”.

• Items must be limited to 400 words or less and be submitted in Microsoft Word format.

• Submissions must include the author’s name, brief bio (max. 25 words), and a headshot.

Photos and Graphics (e.g., logo, banners, etc.)

• All photos (including author headshot) must be in colour, 300 dpi, and measure at least 4” x 6” and be in .jpeg or .psd file format. Please ensure that you have obtained consent from choir members and/or instrumentalists before submitting your photos.

• Submit graphics in one of the following formats: Illustrator file (AI), high-resolution PDF, or EPS.

• Submit all photos and graphics separately, never embedded in a document.

We reserve the right to edit all material for length, grammar, timeliness, and appropriateness. As well, depending on space, not all submitted photos may be used.


2018-2019 Submission Deadlines:

FALL ISSUE: submission deadline Oct. 15, 2018; publication date Nov. 15, 2018
WINTER ISSUE: submission deadline Feb. 15, 2019; publication date Mar. 15, 2019
SPRING ISSUE: submission deadline May 15, 2019; publication date June 15, 2019

~ link to contact ~ (from the Board members or our contact page?)
Mark Ramsay, Editor
Choirs Ontario Dynamic magazine

Board and Governance

Board and Governance files:

Board and Governance

Choral Profile 2011

Statistics and Research

Statistics and research files:

Find a Clinician

The Clinicians List is intended as a tool to connect choral communities with potential workshop presenters. These clinicians are all members of Choirs Ontario. However, Choirs Ontario does not endorse any single presenter nor is it responsible for negotiation of fees and material presented.

If you are interested in being added to this list, please send us an email with your information ( kindly ensure that your individual membership is up to date as this listing is a benefit of Choirs Ontario membership).

Shannon Coates
Location: Holland Landing, ON
Topics: vocal techniques, working with ageing voices

Deirdre Kellerman Contact
Location: Ottawa, ON
Workshop Topics: Vocal Technique; Vowels, Blend and IPA; Full Body Engagement/Movement in Singing; Text Analysis and Expression

Melissa Lalonde
Location: Timmins, ON
Topics: to be added

Elise Letourneau Contact
Location: Ottawa, ON
Topics: vocal jazz, jazz choral, improvisation

Charlene Pauls
Location: Oakville, ON
Topics: vocal techniques

Pamela Teed
Location: Sudbury, ON
Topics: choral techniques, working with ageing voices


Use this form to contact one of our listed clinicians:


Fundraising files:

Marketing and Communications

Marketing and Communications files:

Resources for Respectful Workplaces

Choirs Ontario strongly urges all choral organizations to create, enact and follow anti-harassment policies, ensuring a safe workplace for all artists under the Human Rights Code and the Ontario Health and Safety Act.

Programming and Repertoire

Programming and repertoire files – coming soon.