Choirs Ontario maintains extensive choral library – with works for adults and children’s choirs. We have over 2,500 titles and growing. Music is available for rental throughout the year.

Email to place rental orders.

Browse through the Choirs Ontario online catalogue to see what’s in stock. Please note that online catalogue is currently not mobile compatible.

NEW! Choirs Ontario Library is open on Mondays only from 1:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. for perusal and in-person rentals. If you are interested in exploring new repertoire, or having a closer look at works you might want to perform, we invite you to drop by. It is preferred that visitors make an appointment ahead of time with Choirs Ontario via the library email address ( The Library is at 230 St. Clair Avenue West (in the basement of Timothy Eaton Memorial Church). Enter via the glass doors entrance off the church parking lot on Warren Road, and turn right at the bottom of the stairs.


Multiple copies from the collection are available to Choirs Ontario member choirs.

Music may be rented for a period of up to six months. Rented music may be renewed providing no one else has reserved it. At the time of renewal, the music will be re-invoiced and a new rental fee will be charged.

Rental Fees

A fee is charged for each copy borrowed based on the number of pages. The fee will be invoiced and is payable within thirty (30) days of acquiring the music.  If it is not paid within that time limit, a fine will be levied of $10 per title. This fine will be levied in addition to any costs associated with missing music.

Summary of fees, fines, replacement expenses

1-10 pages $0.40
11-20 pages $0.65
21-50 pages  $1.15
51+ pages  $1.65

Orchestral scores, instrumental parts and oversized scores will be charged individually, taking into account a higher replacement cost.
Overdue music: $3.00/day per title + $10.00 admin. fee per title. The fine will not exceed the replacement cost of the music.

Replacement charges: current market cost + $10.00 admin. fee

After persistent notice of default, Choirs Ontario will replace unreturned music and bill the choir. This bill will include an administrative fee of $10 per title. When music which is already requested by another choir is returned late, the additional courier costs for shipping to the second choir will be billed to the first choir.

How to Order & Return

Music may be reserved in advance via email ( Please note that cancellation of any reservation renders the choir responsible for payment of full rental cost unless written notification is received within two weeks of the original reserve date.

Orders must be placed a minimum of five (5) full business days in advance.  Music will be shipped by parcel post or courier to the borrower who will assume all shipping and handling costs set by the carrier (Canada Post) and are based on weight and include return shipping.  Music that is lost or damaged in the mail is the liability of the sender.  CHOIRS ONTARIO encourages choirs to take out insurance on music being returned by mail and ensuring proper postage is affixed.  Improper postage will be billed back to the choir.

Music must be returned by the agreed time to our mailing address (specified on packing slip). Failure to return music will result in a fine of $3 per day for multiple copy sets.  The fine will not exceed the replacement cost of the music.  After persistent notice of default, Choirs Ontario will take the initiative to replace unreturned music and bill the choir. This bill will include an administrative fee of $10 per title.  When music, which is already reserved by another choir, is returned late, the additional courier costs for shipping to the second choir will be billed to the delinquent choir.

Care of Music

Markings may be made only in light lead pencil.  NO other markings are permitted.  Copies in which individual vocal lines have been highlighted are considered damaged and must be replaced.  Any mutilation or loss of scores will require that the renting choir provide replacement copies within six (6) weeks of the due date.  If choirs renting music need to renumber copies, they may do so with temporary stickers, which must be removed before returning the music.

Missing, defaced, or damaged copies must be replaced in the same edition by the borrower, who will locate, purchase, and deliver replacement copies to the CHOIRS ONTARIO office within six (6) weeks of the due date.  If CHOIRS ONTARIO must replace the copies, the borrower will be charged $10.00 per title as an administrative fee in addition to the replacement cost.  If the exact edition is out of print, another acceptable edition must be provided.  If the title is out of print, the renting choir must pay CHOIRS ONTARIO a service charge of $25.00 to obtain permission from the copy right holder to reproduce copies.


Persistent abusers of the library regulations above will be required to prepay the full invoice amount for subsequent music orders. Renting privileges will be suspended if the renting choir has any outstanding payments or penalties, or if all previously rented music has not been returned or replaced, or the appropriate costs reimbursed.  In addition to suspending library privileges, choirs will be suspended from receiving other CHOIRS ONTARIO member benefits.

National Lending Program

Choirs Ontario members may borrow music from other choral federation libraries across Canada. To view those catalogues, please click on the provincial links below:

Please contact each province directly to borrow music they have in their libraries. You will have to verify that you have a current membership with Choirs Ontario. Some provinces charge rental fees and all provinces charge shipping & handling both ways.

If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact the Choirs Ontario office at 416.923.1144 or 1.866.935.1144 (toll-free).