Conductor Training Programme

2018 Conductor Training Programme (Ontario Youth Choir Intern Conductor) 

The Experience

The Conductor Training Programme is an intensive 10-day opportunity offering training and experience for emerging young conductors with some of Canada’s finest choral leaders. Training takes place during the Ontario Youth Choir in August of every year.

Two successful applicants will observe all choir rehearsals, conduct selected repertoire, participate in individual lessons, and mentor with the OYC conductor. The development of practical skills is an important part of the programme and participants will have the opportunity of working with the choir in rehearsal and performance. Participants will stay in residence with the Ontario Youth Choir and travel with the group during its tour around south Ontario.

Applicants must have completed their undergraduate music degree or equivalent and have received conductor training as part of their education.

The Commitment

Each conductor’s responsibilities include studying and learning the scores before arriving and working with others to make the Ontario Youth Choir experience a valuable one for all. The fee of $695.00 includes accommodation, tour travel, meals, conducting lessons, and masterclasses. Conductors are responsible for their travel costs to and from OYC location. 

The Application - Deadline to apply is May 1, 2018 

To apply, please complete and send the Application Form, along with a letter of interest, a CV outlining conducting experience and education, one letter of recommendation, a list of repertoire conducted, a DVD recording with conducting footage (see back panel for details), and application fee of $40 to the Choirs Ontario office by May 1, 2018. If submitting electronically, application fee can be sent via e-transfer to Otherwise, call our office with a credit card number or mail your cheque to Choirs Ontario, 626 Bathurst Street, Toronto, ON M5S 2R1.


Please contact our office if you require additional information: or 416.923.1144

Acceptance letters will be sent via email at the end of May or early June.